Is Your Air Handler Ready for an HVAC Maintenance Service?

The air handlers draw air from the return vent and send it through the HVAC duct system. If the air flow out of the vents seems weaker than normal or varies throughout the day, this could indicate that the fan motor in the air handling unit is faulty. A fan that does not work properly can increase wear and tear on the air treatment system and also cause it to crack and leak. Dirt and debris can also cause the engine to strain and malfunction.

If this is the case, you can hire a certified HVAC technician to clean or repair the engine for you. That said, if your engine is still malfunctioning, your air controller may need to be replaced. Do you know how old your air conditioning system is? If not, it's worth noting. The Department of Energy recommends that homeowners replace their HVAC system every 10 to 15 years.

While heating and cooling systems are designed to withstand heavy use, their components will start to wear out after 10 years. That means evaporator coils, motor fans, and condensers could start to show signs of aging. This also means that your air controller could start to crack and leak as a result of age. A professional must maintain the air conditioning twice a year to keep it working effectively and efficiently.

If it's been a long time or you've never fine-tuned your air conditioning system, there are a few things you can pay attention to that indicate that the time has come to schedule your maintenance service. Simply put, needing an HVAC service refers to needing repairs to take place, while HVAC maintenance refers to preventive measures that help improve the performance and extend the life of your system. To avoid unwanted increases in your monthly bills, it's essential to have your air conditioning system checked by a certified technician at least once a year. These are just a few of the routine HVAC maintenance actions that will extend the life of your heating and cooling system and reduce costly repairs.

Your expert will evaluate your air conditioning equipment and any associated ducts to detect the accumulation of dirt and dust, since the condition of the air conditioning system influences indoor air quality. Schedule a biannual HVAC service with an accredited heating and cooling company to enjoy the comfort of your home smoothly all year round. One benefit of routine maintenance that is often overlooked is that a professional technician will find out if your unit needs repair or is at risk of a breakdown and will repair it before the HVAC unit stops working. During an air conditioning inspection, your expert will ensure that all parts of your air conditioning system are clean and in good working order to ensure that there are no safety issues.