The Benefits of Professional HVAC Maintenance Service

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) maintenance is an essential process for keeping your system running at its best. Regular maintenance helps to extend the life of your system, prevent costly repairs, and identify any potential problems before they become serious. A professional HVAC service plan includes a thorough review performed by an authorized technician who will inspect the system for signs of leaks, electrical connections and wiring, and efficient operation of the thermostat. One of the most important benefits of routine maintenance is that a professional technician will find out if your unit needs repair or is at risk of a breakdown and will repair it before the HVAC unit stops working.

A professional must maintain the air conditioning twice a year to keep it working effectively and efficiently. If you have a maintenance plan with ControlAir Systems, you'll receive a customized maintenance program, as well as reminders of when you should perform maintenance to ensure you're never left behind. You can also do some preventive maintenance yourself to reduce the likelihood of breakdowns and potentially save money on calls to professional air conditioning service. In addition, if you have a home warranty that covers the repair of air conditioning systems, you may need to prove that the system has received regular maintenance to be covered.

Many HVAC companies offer regular HVAC maintenance plans with annual, biannual, or quarterly service visits. Simply put, needing an air conditioning service refers to the need for repairs, while air conditioning maintenance refers to preventive measures that help improve the performance and extend the life of your system. Contact Brennan's Heating & Air Conditioning by calling 703-783-0145 to discuss an air conditioning maintenance plan to keep your home and family comfortable.