How to Ensure Proper Operation of Your HVAC System with Regular Maintenance

HVAC diagnostic tests are an essential part of regular maintenance and should be conducted by a professional at least once a year. Even if your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system appears to be running smoothly, the test can identify underlying issues, inefficiencies, and old parts, so you can save money in the future. Before scheduling a HVAC diagnostic check, it's helpful to know the most common HVAC problems so you can be prepared when you call a certified professional. Filters are used to remove dust, hair, and other particles from the air so that these pollutants don't spread throughout the house. You can improve the air quality inside your home and consume less energy if you change the air conditioning filter every 30 days.

Clean filters allow more air to pass through, allowing the system to heat and cool more efficiently. For most systems, filters with a MERV rating of between 7 and 13 offer an excellent balance between filtration capacity and maximum air flow. During an air conditioning inspection, the expert will ensure that all of the parts of your air conditioning system are clean and in good working order to ensure that there are no safety issues. Keeping your HVAC system in top condition is a great way to save money on monthly energy bills and to avoid high system repair or replacement costs, or having to call your HVAC company. Read on for tips to help keep your home more comfortable and keep your budget low. Servi-Tek is a professional cleaning company that specializes in maintaining air conditioning and improving indoor air quality (IAQ), to provide you with a healthy and safe environment.

For more than 40 years, we have been providing expert HVAC maintenance and counseling services to residents of Northeast Ohio. After standard HVAC maintenance is completed, an HVAC technician tests the HVAC system to verify that it is working properly. Keep in mind that regular air conditioning maintenance is estimated to reduce the risk of costly breakdowns by up to 95%. The most important piece of advice you can take when it comes to air conditioning maintenance is to partner with a professional company and benefit from regular inspections, a system overview, advice on improving efficiency, and a trusted partner to help you create the best environment for your tenants. You can have everything repaired in a single visit, or have the air conditioning checked at one time of the year and the boiler at another.

Scheduling regular professional maintenance will help ensure that these crucial HVAC tests are performed on your system. During these maintenance checks, companies and HVAC installation technicians will thoroughly repair the system, inspect it, and troubleshoot it so that it continues to operate efficiently and prevent breakdowns. So what tests should be done to maintain your air conditioning system? Read on to learn more about critical HVAC testing. Over the life of the system, investing a small amount of money in preventive air conditioning maintenance will save you a lot on utility costs and air conditioning repairs. Regular air conditioning maintenance allows your heating and cooling system to operate efficiently and safely, helps you avoid costly repairs, and extends the life of air conditioning equipment. When it comes to HVAC maintenance, there are several tests that should be done by a certified technician.

These tests include checking for refrigerant leaks, inspecting electrical connections for corrosion or loose wires, testing for proper airflow through ducts, checking for proper operation of safety controls such as thermostats or pressure switches, inspecting condensate drains for clogs or blockages, testing for proper operation of motors or blowers, checking for proper operation of compressors or evaporator coils, inspecting ductwork for leaks or insulation damage, testing for proper operation of fans or pumps, inspecting heat exchangers for cracks or corrosion damage, testing for proper operation of humidifiers or dehumidifiers, inspecting gas lines for leaks or blockages. By having these tests done regularly by an experienced technician you can ensure that your heating and cooling system is running efficiently and safely. Regular maintenance also helps extend the life of your equipment by catching small problems before they become big ones. Investing in preventive maintenance now can save you money in the long run.